Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021): The Hype is Real! [Spoiler Alert]

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Finally, on Thursday, March 18, 2021, Zack Snyder’s Justice League officially airs on HBO MAX and HBO GO.

I immediately opened the HBO GO at 14.00 WIB, then chose the Justice League movie poster displayed on the main page.

When I play, the film doesn’t show right away. Apparently, the servers are down. I checked on Twitter, it turns out that this also happens in several countries.

So, I guess the hype is real.

Now it remains, “Is the hype worth it?? Is this a better movie?”

Okay, I will discuss one by one.


Let me start with STORY.

The main story is almost the same as the Josstice League (2017). Batman make an alliance, comes Steppenwolf looking for mother boxes, Superman is alive, Justice League against Steppenwolf at the end of the film.

What are the differences?

The way Snyder tell the story.

You call feel it.

Everyone has a backstory. The backstory of each character really strengthens the film. I guess, Snyder learns from Batman v Superman. In Justice League (2021), Zack Snyder invites the audience to care about the character.

Snyder is famous for his style over substance. This time, he add the “heart” element to this film. Especially, Cyborg.

Not only the superhero, even Steppenwolf, has a clear background story and motivation in this movie.


My knowledge is too little to talk about cinematography, but I can say that the visual in ZSJL is very intentional and ambitious.

I had read, Snyder wanted this ZSJL to be like Lord of the Ring. Honestly, I had a little doubt. After I after watched the film, Snyder really wanted to be as grand as LOTR (he nailed it. Almost).

A colossal film complete with spectacular war and action, as well as supportive mythology (the history of the amazon and the Atlantic).

LOTR is known for its equally strong trilogy. At ZSJL, Snyder has provided a glimpse of what happened in Justice League 2.

Snyder himself did not know if the film would exist. Judging from the reactions of the ZSJL audience, they will most likely ask for a sequel.

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This is very tricky.

Not everyone can watch 4 hour movie. Feel too loong. But apparently, this film doesn’t feel like 4 hours.

The movie has 6 chapters (there is 1 additional chapter: epilogue). ZSJL knows when to put action scenes, insert dialogues, and sort each chapter.

We don’t have to wait at the end of the film for the most exciting scenes.

Each chapter has a big action scene. Each chapter has its own special moment.



Batman has the same vision and mission. But this time, there is no scene of Superman saying, “Do you bleed?” to Batman, then throw him to the ground.

Batman is more serious, no unnecessary funny scenes. He becomes the leader of the Justice League and has a lot of action scenes.

There is no romance scene between Batman & Wonder Woman. Actually, I kind of love this romance. Bruce Wayne needs hope. He needs a better life. Just my opinion. You can skip it.

Wonder Woman takes the lead while at war. Her experience against Ares (see Wonder Woman 1), is shown here. Diana Prince has lots of action scenes from start to finish. Wonder Woman vs Steppenwolf is also great 👌🏼.

Superman comes to life again in the same way. Can’t remember who he is. Then, at the end managed to beat Steppenwolf.

The good thing is, no more mustache and beard remover CGI. Clark Kent / Superman speaks like a normal human being. That is a good thing.

On the downside, Superman appears very little here. In the Josstice League, Superman comes out a lot more. Have scenes and dialogue to support the characters. Explain why he is important to the world, in strength and presence.

Hopefully there is a follow-up film (let’s hope there is), Snyder can show how important Superman / Clark Kent is to the world (with the right way).


Cyborg, the heart of the movie.

Cyborg has the most complete origins story compared to The Flash and Aquaman.

ZSJL invites the audience to care who Victor Stone is. Care for his parents and the tragedy. Cyborg has central moment in the ZSJL.

The Flash has a little backstory, but it’s effective.

At the end of the final battle, he recalled his father’s words, and did a brief flashpoint to take a few seconds back.

Unfortunately, Aquaman doesn’t have that kind of treatment (actually, even in the Josstice League, he kinda useless). He has a role, but less than others.

Perhaps, there has indeed been a request from James Wan (director of the Aquaman film) not to give too much background story of Arthur Curry.

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Darkseid & Steppenwolf

Steppenwolf was more violent in the ZSJL.

More sadistic, more sinister. His last fight against the Justice League was even better. At the end of the fight, Steppenwolf has the same ending, which is helpless against Superman (and his death was more horrible).

“I have turned one hundred thousand worlds to dust looking for those who robbed me of my glory. I will stride across their bones, and all of existence shall be mine!”


Darkseid, the bigger villain, which was deleted in the Josstice League.

Appeared in ZSJL 1, for introduction and preparation for ZSJL 2 and 3. Darkseid searching Anti-Life Equation.

Something that can control humans to submit and obey Darkseid. In the Knightmare scene (there is also Cyborg’s vision), Superman is seen holding a burning body. Behind him, there is Darkseid grabbing Superman’s shoulder.

It seems, Superman will be controlled by Darkseid.

In Cyborg’s vision, Wonder Woman dies and Darkseid kills Aquaman.

Darkseid ruling the earth is what happened in Knightmare, and will happen in ZSJL 2 and 3.


“Is the hype worth the quality?”

The answer,


This is a better movie. The movie that supposed to be in theatre, not that one.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League has better quality than the Josstice League. In terms of story, action scene, visual, and clues for the next film.

Using a chapter was the right decision. Making the duration of 4 hours is like having small stories that stick together.

Magnificent films that should be shown in theaters (especially IMAX).

I know the movie has mixed reactions. But this time, ZSJL has more positive reviews. People like it too.

Dear Warner Bros. or HBO MAX, It’s clear, audience will be waiting for the sequel to Justice League. Just make it happen.

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