As I get older, I finally can say that I grow up, from being a kid — teenager — adults.

Long time ago, I never know when was the day I will get married. Until one day, I marry someone, and thought about future — be a parents and so on.

I want to be a better parent than my parents. I have learned from their kindness, learned from their shortcomings.

However, still, it’s just a “plan”.

Will I be a better parent? Are my plans suit for my future child?

I am not sure.

Times change. Everything is no longer the same.

Words of wisdom that I have prepared may not work. Maybe, Youtuber words out there that stick more to my child.

That’s why I have to keep learning. Continue to adapt with times.

Hopefully my wife and I will be given the patience to continue learning, and the strength to accompany and inspire my kid in the future.

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